In your role as Chairman what are your top priorities and responsibilities?

I have a number of responsibilities, one is to oversee the governance of the organization and I work to implement and establish policies mandated by the board. I work with individuals (as well as providing them with help and support) to develop future chapters. I'm also responsible for providing training for personnel. We provide help & support of identified people who can develop future chapters. I continue in the effort of forging a connection between men of African descent and young people via mentoring and being role models throughout the world. Just look at the membership that cuts across many lines of ethical boundaries and socio-economic scales.

How long have you been involved with the 100 Black Men of America?

I was the founder & president of 100 Black Men of South Florida around 14 years ago. Eleven years ago I was elected the national secretary of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. and I was elected to Chairman about a year and a half ago.

How do you find time to dedicate yourself to the needs of the organization while being such a prominent Attorney & Business man?

You must find the time to do whatever it is you are dedicated to. For one, have good people around you who are committed and organize. Also it is important to have family and friends who are understanding and supportive of the work you are doing.

Besides mentoring, what are some of the other focus of the 100 BMoA, inc.?

Four For The Future; is our programs motto, they are as follow:

Mentoring is the cornerstone of what the organization brings to the community by guiding youth in life experiences, fostering a positive self-perception and self-respect, encouraging excellence in education, and the pursuit of positive life-long goals. Globally chapters are engaged in innovative mentoring programs that serve the unique needs in their local communities.

Education programs deliver support services, which help youth achieve their educational goals.

Health & Wellness is a vital component of a thriving community. The 100 teams up with other non-profit organizations to promote preventative health strategies deliver screenings and provide education on prevalent African American diseases.

Economic Development programs are comprehensive curriculum that includes educational workshops presented at our National and Fall Leadership Conferences.

Who best to be elected to the National Chairman position than Attorney Albert E. Dotson, Jr.? Elected as the National Chairman of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Mr. Dotson has been a well-accomplished attorney in Miami-Dade County for many years.

He founded his own chapter of 100 Black Men some 14 years ago in South Florida. Mr. Dotson, a partner in the Land Use Local Government and Environmental Law Department of Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP, focuses his practice on land use and governmental relations' matters, with a special emphasis on federal and local government procurement contracts and compliance.

As a prominent attorney he spent his time negotiating economic development incentive programs on behalf of major U.S. corporate clients, and he often represents Real Estate developers in securing land use, zoning and other governmental approvals and permits for large-scale projects. But Dotson is more than just another attorney with outstanding credentials from Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University; he's also an exceptional active member of his community being involved in many community-based organizations. We were very excited to have an RMAN moment with this legal eagle.






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