Gender identification has been a hot bed topic on the lips of many, around the country. I guess we should start here, a male is an anatomical position determined by birth. On the other hand, a man is a position of choice determined by a male.

The position of the male in this country has been one of disaffection, distrust, denial and uncertainty. Many of our male brethren have come to know that our women are not in love with our behavior. For the most part we have not stepped up to the plate or owned up to our responsibilities. We have impregnated our women with a consciousness that we don't care, it was all in a nights work. Then in turn our women become bitter and resent our presents in their lives. We have forced our women to be both mother and father to our unplanned and unwanted children. And we wonder why our children are so rebellious toward our parenting. Our children understand intuitively they were not in the plans, so the resentment is real. We have to work our entire lives to earn back that trust and love from our children. Our women have become stronger by sheer attrition (lack of a real man). I was once taught that you can choose your actions but you can't choose your consequences. So to the males that have caused a terrible breach between men and males, I say gird up your loins and become a man.

MALE vs. MAN By Dr. Michael Willett

As one understands what a man is, that knowledge will bring harmony to the family, the country even the world. A man is a male that has the ability to make quality decision, decision that are made out of principal and not out of emotion. As I look at my fellow males it sickens me because they make a conscience effort not to do the right thing. It becomes emotions over wisdom. Now follow me here, the heart starts beating in a unborn fetus before the brain is formed. The heart beat is initiated by the heart, in other words it starts itself. My point is this, the emotional part of your brain forms first. So you learn to feel before you learn to think. This is why emotions can override rational thought. A man is the one that will put his own agenda aside for his family, a man will stand in the face of personal detriment, a man will not verbally deface his significant other to his friends or family, a man will combat the world for his family, a man will take the hit first if necessary. These are but a few attributes that a true man has. The question to you is, are you are male or man and WHY?

You certainly don't have to answer me but look in the mirror and answer yourself. Take the self-assessment test, if you fail, it's not too late to turn your life around. Remember, you can choose your actions but you can't choose your consequences.


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