He Said, She Said


When it comes to investing, studies suggest that men and women are quite different


For example, despite the fact that women think they are less knowledgeable investors and enjoy investing less than men, they tend to make fewer mistakes, on average.

  • Is knowledge power? A higher percentage of women than men (47 percent vs. 30 percent) report not being knowledgeable about investing.1 Yet more women are likely to say that they do a "very good" job of managing their investments (34 percent vs. 25 percent for men).2
  • Repeating the same mistakes. Of the investors who reported buying a stock without doing any research, 47 percent of the women repeated the mistake, compared with 63 percent of the men.3
  • Listen up. Women are more likely than men to seek professional guidance. In the survey, 70 percent of the women reported having a primary financial professional, as opposed to 50 percent of the men.4

Male or female, all investors can use help to avoid financial pitfalls. Call today to discuss your investment strategies.

1-4) MsMoney.com, 2005

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