Have you ever connected with someone whose vibe you're naturally comfortable with? They're so real that with each and every encounter you feel good; and when they leave you're already eagerly anticipating the next time. When you do finally meet again, you hope that certain cool and laid-back way about them hasn't changed. To your delight, you once again find they're still the same.

Now take that scenario and apply it to Jagged Edge. You feel me? Right! They've been puttin' it on us since 1998 with their thugged-out ballads that sound just as smooth as any other typical r&b song, but with their own jagged twist. Their voices are simple, but they bring out the beauty with their instrumental melodies and vocal harmonies. At the same time, they blend heavy beats and edgy lyrics. Then they bring it together with their everyday people street mentality and bad boy image. Can't nobody give lovin' that tough!


On May 9th, 2006 Jagged Edge finally released their 5th album, which is self-entitled under Columbia Records. Just in time to wind down spring and bump in summer! Although still portraying their customary image, you'll first notice that the coverart is illustrated. As you read the insert, you'll also find that the twins, Brandon and Brian Casey, wrote and produced most of the songs. Of course, however, their production team also includes the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Tha Corna Boyz, and Crak Pot Muzic. Then as you continue to listen, you realize their music remains true to form and therefore was well worth the wait …

Jagged Edge pops off their 14 song cd with Ghetto Guitar. As the title implies, there's a hood element combined with the sweetness of guitar strings. Lyrically they may be describing a woman, but their words are also fitting for themselves: "… don't change a thing I like you just the way you are, baby you're a star, ghetto as you are…" My favorite track, however, is Watch You. The striking strings of the chorus set off a mysterious mood that somehow trickles down accordingly as they chant. Also check out Lucky Charm if you're searching for a classic J.E. ballad. For a little more bang, tune into Get A Lil' Bit Of This -

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