OK, so Terrell Owens is a jerk. No shit, Sherlock. Some news flash.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid and team owners have known this from the beginning. They signed a guy who criticized his coach in San Francisco and even insinuated that his former quarterback was a homosexual. So, who did they think would step off the plane in Philly?

Now, after a little more jaw-flapping in which Owens criticized Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, the Eagles have dropped T.O. like a wet football. Benched, suspended and finally traded, Owens spent the remainder of last season watching games from his couch in Atlanta. Sure, a true team player holds back his criticism from the press. A good team player doesn't offend owners or argue with his coach. The only thing is, no one ever said T.O. was a team player.

The real kicker is, Owens is the only thing the Eagles had going right for them. The once-dominant Eagle defense is now decimated by injury and the refusal to re-sign key veterans from the previous year's squad. Their run defense is porous, and their pass defense seems to have flown south for the winter. Donovan McNabb has been struggling, banged up and playing with a "sports hernia" for which he has yet to undergo surgery. Instead, he's limping around the backfield, unable to get out of his own way let alone the paths of the 300 lb. linemen charging like bull elephants. Speaking of linemen, the Eagles' offensive line seems incapable of stopping even the softest crew of pass rushers. Two out of every three snaps have opponents breaking through the line and either flushing or crushing McNabb. Is this a Super Bowl team?

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