How long have you been in business as an entrepreneur?

Wow, do you mean how long have I been generating money? (Laugh)

Can you break down the relationship between all the entities you are involved in; Players Govern Players Communication, Recycling Inspiration, The Stay Strong Foundation, The Terrie Williams Agency, and the Music Production company?

PGP Comm. is the parent company. It over sees the corporate structure of all the other entities, it's like the Viacom of my businesses.

Recycling Inspiration is the strategic marketing company that builds resource around celebrities, leaders, and noted entities to help encourage and inspire dreams. I use their resources and their celebrity status to encourage youth to reach for the stars.

Stay Strong Foundation I founded along with Terrie Williams, Terrie already had a movement to help youth, her tag line was always "Stay strong with the personal touch". She was using her own resources and time to encourage the youth. So I encouraged her to create this foundation to take it to the next level.

Public Production is my entertainment arm, I was always a youth advocate, creating an outlet for young people to be all they can be. But I was always hit with the same question from the business community, "how does this program make money". I got asked that question so much that I started to dislike the people who were constantly asking that same question. I had a conversation with Dick Grasso the former head of the New York Stock Exchange, and he gave me some great advice, he said, "don't focus on the person who is asking the question, focus on the question, and if you don't have an answer for them, than find the answer, that should be the focus. So I started to ask myself how does this make money so we can just operate and function. I was all about social, but wasn't paying attention to the economic arm. It is no different from a church developing social programs, but I must have a way to fund those programs. So I had to develop for myself a social and economic consciousness, and that is what Dick Grasso brought to the table. He schooled me on how to manage what I do. He showed examples of how people invest in management model, it is not the money that makes you rich, it is the management of the money, it is not the fame and talent that make you rich, it is the management of that fame & talent. I started analyzing management models. It gave me a clear perspective on how to get to the core of the purpose of my entities. So whenever I sit down to talk to someone about a business idea or concepts I always ask them first what is your passion. I would share with them, around 5 minutes about the concept and the remaining time I would discuss the management model, which spoke to the execution and that blew them away. Thanks to Dick Grasso for his insight. Not many of us will get the opportunity to recieve business advice from the former Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange?

RMAN introduction to Xavier Artis the C.E.O. of Players Govern Players Communication was a thought provoking and inspiring experience. Artis happen to be in a New York City recording studio over-seeing the recording session of A.D.D. a dynamic new Atlanta hip hop group who is signed to his Production Company, Public Production.

This Atlanta based entrepreneurial dynamo would most likely be back home in Atlanta or on the grind traveling but he brought his group to New York to add some New York flavor to their already high-energy sound.

At first you would think he was a music business mogul, but this project (A.D.D.) and his production company is one of his junior businesses and not his main focus. He is actually an outstanding lifestyle marketer with whose purchase of the Terrie Williams Agency makes him the marketing and public relation powerhouse to watch.

When you first meet Xavier you expect to meet a young successful urban executive; but once you had an opportunity to converse with Mr. Artis, you walk away feeling like you just had a in depth conversation with Jesse Jackson and the late Johnnie Cochran all rolled into one. This brother is powerful in his action and exceptional with his words.

RMAN was inspired by Xavier Artis' life, lifestyle and life mission. We hope you can feel the same inspiring energy we were lucky enough to experience.





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