Renaissance Man Magazine is for the positively active individuals who are the trendsetters of today, and the power brokers of tomorrow. This is a lifestyle magazine for career oriented African-American men and all men-of-color who know how to enjoy success and want the most out of life. It will be enjoyed by the individuals who know what they want, and more often than not, want everything. So, as we celebrate the past, we’ll embrace what the future holds and what we are gaining every day.

We are not just creating a magazine; we are accepting this endeavor as a responsibility to ourselves, our family, and our culture. We want to grab hold of a proud era and overwhelming self-pride to use it as a building block for the next generation that will become influential leaders in our society. With every single issue, Renaissance Man Magazine will deliver a lifestyle, culture, and mind-set. I truly hope you are ready for the rebirth; because, the important question to ask is not who is Renaissance Man Magazine’s targeted market, but more importantly, are you ready to be a Renaissance man in today’s market.

Currently, African-American men make up approximately 16.2 million of the entire population, which represent 45% of all African-Americans. It is projected that the African-American male population will increase to as much as 18 million by the year 2010. Keep in mind that this is 45% of a staggering $656.9 billion African-American buying power market which is projected to increase 32.0% by the year 2007. African-American men are growing in every area, from business and education, to politics and government; three Black CEOs head a Fortune 500 company and many are in senior management positions. The number of African-American men assuming executive, management and professional roles in specialty fields has made momentous gains. For example, we see a significant increase in education attainment; college enrollment for African-American men has increased at a rate of 40% over the last ten years. This segment is realizing strong financial accrual with average earnings being $30,109 and those with Bachelor’s degrees earning between $35,471 and $49,270. Black advanced degree holders, are making upwards of $60,207, with strong potential for much greater earnings. The market is there, and we are talking to them.

Renaissance Man Magazine is primarily geared towards men-of-color between the ages of 25 and 54, median age of 32 (also known as the sweet spot). This is notwithstanding the anticipation of a strong secondary readership among younger aspiring African-American men and women. We foresee our female readership to be as much as 40% of our total readers, because we know the African-American woman will cherish the content and image of Renaissance Man Magazine as well.

The socio-economic status of African-American men has been growing three times the rate of White and Latino men. Despite societal barriers of perpetual negative stereotypical cognition that are still prevalent via the mainstream media. African-American men have made tremendous progress in many areas, including educational achievements, career pursuits, and increased income earnings. African-American men are a critical market making, brand building, and trend-setting segment of the market, with substantial buying power that continues to increase at a notable rate. Marketers must take notice of these compelling facts and realize the purchasing strength of this market, while avoiding the perpetuation of the burdensome stereotypes that has plagued this segment in the past. They must reach out with culturally sensitive efforts, which speak to the accomplishments, lifestyle and values of men-of-color. Age or income ultimately will not define the reader of Renaissance Man Magazine, because he will be multi-dimensional, with diverse interests, a diverse style, and an open perspective on life. The Renaissance man will be as diverse as the world itself.

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