A recent study in the International Journal of Cancer shows that moderate consumption of red wine effectively reduces the risk of prostate cancer by a whopping 50-60%. For men who consumed 4 or more 4 oz. glasses of wine per week, there was a 60% reduction in the most aggressive type of prostate cancer. Note, however that the amount tested adds up to no more than two full glasses of wine per week (4 US fl.oz.= 1/2 a cup). So, this is far from a blank check.

So, how can alcohol be good for you?, one asks. Red wine contains a natural compound found in its grape skins called resveratrol. Resveratrol is in a class of antibiotic compounds produced as a part of a plant's defense system against disease, and tests show that it may inhibit cancer-causing activities by reducing inflammation.
Many scientists, however, are reasonably reluctant to condone mass wine consumption. "I don't plan to encourage patients who don't drink to start. . .," says Dr. Tia Higano, Prostate Cancer Specialist & Associate Professor at the University of Washington. Wise words, especially since there are more options for a healthier you.

Why does this any of this preventative health information matter? Two reasons, one reason is that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men over age of 65, but all men are at risk. Secondly, Black men are at more than 2 times greater risk of getting this disease as white males, but are less likely to have the no-sweat Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood assay to detect it. Any information to change this trend and its toll is pure gold--or should I say RED.

Tonight, along with or instead of red wine, try pizza--or any entree made with cooked tomatoes, for the surprising reason that tomatoes cooked with olive oil have very high levels of another touted cancer-killer and phenomenal anti-oxidant called lycopene. Anti-oxidants block free-radical oxygen

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