Gym goers have their fingers on a racing pulse - not surprisingly, it's their own. Many I-dream-of-supreme lifters are taking a look at an unconventional training system - one that takes the tried and true fundamentals of iron pumping and stands them on their head. It's called Enhanced Density Training (EDT) and it is getting some SERIOUS results. The fundamentals of EDT training, developed by Charles Staley during the early 1990s, set up muscle conditioning that reduces total work-out time to just 20 minutes. The super-concentrated sets guarantee progressive overload, and combine volume and intensity with the little-appreciated factor of density to produce a training effect that is raising eyebrows and muscle bulk on every desirous inch of the body.
EDT involves selecting two exercises for unrelated body parts (for instance, dumbbell bench press and barbell curls). You choose a wight that will allow you to barely squeeze out 10 reps on each movement. The idea is to move from one exercise directly to the other (absolutely no rest) and perform 5 reps on each for a total duration of 20 minutes (se tyour stop watch to be exactly sure). Hard work? It's torture - by about 13 minutes you'll be in agony, but those last seven minutes will force your muscles to respond faster than a dip in the hot tub with a gym hottie.

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