Farrah Gray is a 21-year-old successful entrepreneur, as well as the best-selling author of the semi-bio motivational book, Reallioniare: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out. This book offers a clear step-by-step guide that could lead you on your own personal road to success. With a never-give-up attitude, Gray developed a company at the tender age of 13. That company eventually went on to have an estimated value of well over a million dollars. He then created a foundation, which supports other youth entrepreneur projects; and is the publisher of Inner City Magazine. Renaissance Man Magazine tracked him down during a Brooklyn stop on his book tour.

Renaissance Man: What is the philosophy behind the name Reallionaire?

Farrah Gray: I concentrate on the fact that there is more to success than how much money you make or the type of car you drive; most people do not start out with much money. Napoleon Hill once posed the question, is money the cause or the effect? The answer is that money is the effect of a cause. As opposed to working on the effect, which is the money, you want to work on the cause, which is you. You want to work on your self-development from the inside outward, because you are the person who causes your own success. If money is accumulated too fast, it often looks good on the outside, but you could still lack sustainable strength on the inside. I think it is important to be rich from the inside out, and that is what a “Reallionaire” is, rich in spirit and rich in your bank account.

RM: So the name Reallionaire is not entirely about finance.

FG: No it not, but, it is definitely associated with your finances. (Laugh)

RM: What kind of opportunities and exposure has writing this book brought to you?

FG: Well, we’ve been getting many offers from various television series producers, I’m already getting pressure to start on my next book, and my tour has been extended due to the popularity of the book. Reallioniare made it to Amazon.com and was placed on Barnes & Nobles’ Bestseller list, so this has opened up a world of opportunities.

RM: What is your take on the focus of the black community on wealth creation through entertainment or sports as opposed to a more traditional avenue?

FG: My book focuses on a person working in their area of expertise, so I don’t draw a distinction between the importance of traditional versus non-traditional careers. When something is done for a long period of time and there is very little to show for it in the end, that is a clear indication that something is being done wrong. My book encourages you to find your area of excellence. So, I’m an advocate for both traditional and non-traditional routes to achieving your own personal success.

RM: Being young, how did you overcome disappointments and setbacks?

FG: I truly adopted a philosophy that a setback is a setup for a comeback, and I live by it. Plus, I received a tremendous amount of support and encouragement, I remember some time ago, before I wrote the book, a person walked up to me and he said “it is such an honor to meet you, I never seen success up close and in my color before”.

RM: What does the moniker Renaissance Man mean to you?

FG: Well, as Maya Angelou talked about a “phenomenal woman”, to me a Renaissance Man is a phenomenal man. A Renaissance Man is the original black man; one who has gifts and talents beyond, experience beyond; and I consider myself to be a Renaissance Man.

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