Job Interview Faux Pas

  • 1) Do not make multiple interview appointments on the same day. Depending on traffic and extended interviews, your timeliness for the next interview may be at risk. Plan to make one appointment in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • 2) Do not speak over the interviewer. Raise questions, but remember that you are not the one doing the interview.
  • 3) Do not ask about holidays, annual leave, lateness or leaving the office before the office hour is over since it may give the impression that you do not like to work hard.
  • 4) Do not wear sunglasses, put your hand in front of your mouth while you speak, or place your hand together tightly on the knee. Rather, occasionally put your hands on the table to show self-confidence.
  • 5) Do not express your nervousness by trembling/shaking your hands or feet. In case you are excited, take a deep breath or go to the restroom and speak to yourself, reminding yourself that there is no reason to be afraid of the interviewers.
  • 6) Do not tell a lie as interviewer(s) may be able to trace the lies. Instead, provide the indirect, but truthful answers by presenting information in another way.
  • 7) Do not answer "I don't know" unless such question is something beyond your knowledge.
  • 8) Do not ask about the salary until the interviewer shows interest in you. Leave this question to the interviewer's discretion.
  • 9) Do not speak about your former employer in a negative way as the interviewer(s) may see this as a reflection of how you will interact with them. You should provide the answers as clear as possible. Do not forget the word such as "thank you" or "sir."
  • 10) Do not bring along your parents and friends to the interviews as the interviewer(s) may thank that you are not grown up.

Excerpt from "How Big Companies Recruit Their Human Resource?"
By Ajarn Wittawat Munkong


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