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tate Join us as we celebrate the accomplishment and success of America’s men at their best, see who's featured inside the December/January issue of Renaissance Man Magazine™. Inside these pages, the big screen is bum-rushed with the home-grown talents of Larenz Tate and Giancarlo Esposito, and read about savvy collaborators of the Harlem Business Alliance and EDU Inc. as they strengthen the community. We also feature cool autumn fashion shoots and beautiful women in swimwear as we close up summer and welcome the fall.


The R MAN Target

Renaissance Man Magazine™ will speak to the accomplishments, lifestyles, and values of men-of-color with relevant, blanced facts affecting their lives and their world. R Man Online will contain unique and diverse combinations of featured articles and recurring topics. WE will cover a range of issues in finance, sports, health, travel, fashion, and, of course, culture. If it's hot and it's out there, we lay it out here for you.


Inside This Issue
Was it good for you? A very nice ride with the Chrysler 300c
Muscle-build optimization – Go bulk for bulk w/ Enhanced Density Training
Harlem Business Alliance; the new renaissance in harlem, building brick by brick
Winter styles for those who live life with style
Bringing the heritage full circle with CIRCA
Great Drink ldeas: Red Devil & Hennessey Sidecar
What you should know to beat prostate cancer
Let’s Dip: winding down summer with exotic women in swimwear (enjoy!)


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