Only Time Will Tell

D.E. Wilder

A timepiece is much more than just a timekeeper. It's a tool that marks the moments and day of your life. For some people this notion may be a bit extreme, but you have no idea how the watch you wear speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle. The choice in style, size and even brand can clarify certain details about the life you lead. What does your timepiece say about you?

Let's say hypothetically, you are working as a hedge fund manager for a Wall Street financial firm and you walk in on Monday morning with a super-sized, blinged-out, diamond-encrusted watch on that could be spotted from a mile away. What message would that particular timepiece say about you; what message would it convey to your colleagues and clients? To most people in that environment, it would scream lapses in judgment. More importantly, in a position where sound judgment is your business it wouldn't be wise, unless you own the joint, in that case bling-on!!

For the rest of us, let's send the right message while keeping the right time and being on time. The first thing we should understand about a timepiece is that the time should be accurate. The U.S. NAVY keeps an official time called the Atomic Time, this is the most precise time, even news and media outlets set their programming from the Atomic Time. The reason I'm pointing this out is because there are two types of timepieces you can own: quartz or an automatic movement. A quartz movement is controlled by a little battery that should be changed annually. An automatic movement is controlled by the movement of your wrist; every time you move your wrist it winds your watch. The automatic movement is the oldest form, dating back hundreds of years. The craft of designing this type of movement is still an old world art that has become synonymous with Switzerland and their timepiece expertise. The quartz movement is usually less expensive and some have argued that it provides a more accurate movement because it is controlled by a battery. As long as the battery has full strength, the time will always be accurate where as the automatic movement will lose time if your timepiece rests for too long a period of time. For most of the more reputable brands, the reserve period can be as much as two to three days. One thing is guaranteed is this: if you leave an automatic watch in a resting mode for more than a week, your watch will need to be readjusted and reset.

Now that we had a crash course in the movement of timepieces, now we can find what works best for you. Let's throw out the cost factor. A timepiece can cost anything from a New York City "Canal Street $10 special" to a high-end piece costing $100,000.00 from a fine retailer. What kind of watch best suits your lifestyle? You may find that given your life, you may need to own a couple of timepieces, one for work and one for more social/casual events. You may even have a collection of watches for different occasions; this wouldn't qualify you as a collector, but rather, someone who understands that in everything you do there are different tools required.

For the gentleman who is more active or wants to make a bold statement, you can wear a full-size stainless steel piece, which comes in a wide variety of dial colors from an even wider range of makers. This style is probably the most popular for a man especially in America.

For the chap who likes to be more refined and stylish, he might prefer a leather strap piece. Most straps are interchangeable so you can always replace the strap with a different style or color, based on whatever your heart desires.

Back to the Wall Street hedge fund manager with the lapse in judgment—if you decide to acquire a precious stone-clad timepiece which can be very expensive, you are in luck because there are many brands that design this style. It will only be a matter of how much you are willing to spend. Just keep in mind that going to the supermarket with this piece won't get you a discount on your sirloin, but at the local bar, anything is possible.

For the true man of style, nothing beats the classic, nostalgic look of a pocket watch. There are so many designs and style of pocket watches to choose from. When you come out of your pocket with this bad boy the world will know that time is on your side.

In this fast-paced technologically controlled environment we live in, everything is constrained my time, whether it is our computer, PDA, or MP3 player, but I think there is no excuse for walking around without some form of timepiece. The statement about who you are and what you are about when you do not wear a watch is that time is not of importance to you and having that knowledge is insignificant to you.

Now that you have read this, toss your "Canal Street $10 special" for a better quality timekeeper, the perfect one that encapsulates who you are and what you stand for. Tell the world who you really are, you will be proud to say that you finally know what time it is. Timeout!


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