Welcome to the premiere issue of Renaissance Man Magazine™. We design a sleek and all-encompassing publication for the colorful audience of modern men who are trendsetters, adventurers and knowledge-seeking power brokers. Whether you are a freelance creative artist, a trail-blazing corporate tycoon or somewhere in between, Renaissance Man Magazine™ will highlight a wide-range of issues for and about African-American men & men of color across America. Renaissance Man Magazine™ profiles men with booming voices to inform society. Catching up with those men who are negotiating deals and producing dollar bills, taking care of their families, while impacting their communities. R-Man Magazine™ is the ultimate platform to give a global shout-out. For you, we’ve got: Celebrity Interviews and Entertainment Reviews, Personal Finance Information, Sports Updates, Men’s Fashion, Men’s Health & Fitness, Technology Outlooks, Automobiles, and of course, we will feature Beautiful International Women.
In this issue, we will concentrate on true renaissance pioneers from the past to present and lay down the law on just what makes you a renaissance man in this fast-paced world. We keep you up-to-date with pertinent current events of the world while we dig deep into the past to show you how the heritage is reborn through the contemporary brothers of today. So, forget about what you think you already know about African-American men and men of color in America, let us introduce you to the rebirth of a heritage through Renaissance Man Magazine™.

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