Tate shared, “You can look at other stories and films that depict racial problems in other countries, and say "Oh that was really sad. My heart goes out to those people." Then we go about our daily lives. The storyline in Crash, though, tugs at your heart, and at your own inner being.”
When Tate received the script, at first glance he thought his character, Peter, and Anthony, played by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges were just your average stereotypical young black kids whose only livelihood was carjacking and getting over on hard working people. “You have those elements,” Tate admits, “but they are used to set you up for what you will discover about who these people really are.” We discover they are very intellectual guys, who do have morals despite what they do everyday. As Tate points out, there is “so much more to these individuals than their short term thinking about their profession.”

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